Cartellini, etichette a lancetta in PVC 100x16x0,06 mm (PF10) (250 pezzi)

100x16x0.06 mm PVC tags, lancet labels (PF10) (250 pieces)

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TAGS, LABEL HAND IN PVC 100x16x0.06 mm (PF10) (250 pieces) .


250 pieces PVC labels (you can use any type of ballpoint pen, pencil or marker), they cannot be erased with bad weather and with watering, especially if written in pencil. If you want to reuse them, you can erase the writing in pencil with a common eraser.

The following sizes are available:

1) P6: 60x13x0.04 (thickness) mm;

2) PF8: 80x13x0.06 (thickness) mm;

3) PF10: 100x16x0.06 (thickness) mm;

4) PF12: 120x20x0.06 (thickness) mm;

5) PF14: 140x20x0.06 (thickness) mm.

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